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French-American café and restaurant in downtown Dunedin

The Little Red House
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The Little Red House

Located in the heart of Dunedin, Florida, The Little Red House is a French-American café and restaurant. Established in an old wooden house, this is a place where all the things we hold dear have been brought together: coziness, family-kind service and delicious homemade food.

At The Little Red House, we offer freshly prepared meals, organic when possible, with gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. There is always something for everyone!

We serve American breakfast from 9am to 2pm. Our café & bakery offers a large selection of hot or iced coffees and teas, fresh juices and smoothies. Pastries are mainly French, homemade, tasty and using seasonal fruit. We also love baking cookies and muffins. Want to impress your family and friends? You can order a whole quiche, fruit tart or cake for your Sunday lunch at home!

Our restaurant menu is a mix of dishes of French and modern American cuisines, cooked with love. We will soon be open for dinner twice a week: Friday night will be international oriented. Saturday night will be traditional French cuisine with regional or bistro themes. Dinner set menu will change every week: take a look at our Events/News section to know what is stewing this week! Reservation is recommended.

To go with your food, we offer a selection of French and American wines, and also Belgian and local beers.

Come and relax under the canopy of our yard. Enjoy forgetting about time overlooking the liveliness of Main Street without being on Main Street!


Under construction:

our menu is currently changing and will be online soon


Starting on November 23rd, The Little Red House will be open for dinner twice a week from 6pm to 10pm. Dinner set menu will change every week.

Friday: international themed cuisine

European and/or American cuisine

Saturday: La French Night

Traditional French cuisine with regional, bistro or French holidays themes.

This Saturday night

You can also make your reservation by phone. Call us (727) 734 09 09 from 9am.


About us

Because we believe some components should never be found in a plate, we have decided to stay simple and traditional. This is why we make most of our food from scratch. And this starts with the ingredients we choose: fresh, healthy and naturally tasty.

Our organic coffee from Java Planet is roasted in Tampa and brewed to order.

Our turkey, chicken, beef, bacon and cheddar cheese are antibiotic free, contain no added nitrates, gluten and casein free, and are minimally processed. Our main suppliers are Turtle Beach Natural Foodservice in Oldsmar and Sutter’s Quality Foods in Sarasota.

We also work with national suppliers like Sysco which offer a large range of organic products.

And last but not least, following the seasons, we are very proud of the small production of our garden, mainly for the herbs we use in our dressings but also for the vegetable we cook a lot like zucchini or peppers!

At The Little Red House, we also try to be more environmentally responsible: we have been using only paper straws since May 2018 and we should be able to go for paper cups only by the end of 2018 (anyway, our current plastic cups are already compostable!). Our cardboard to-go boxes are biodegradable, also are our paper bags. This is our contribution to keep Dunedin clean and welcoming.


Private parties

The Little Red House is the perfect venue for private parties. We host birthdays, baby showers, weddings, weddings rehearsal meals and family or corporate meetings.

For parties over 10/12 people, lunches generally take place in a private space of our yard. Private dinners can be held outside or inside from Tuesday to Thursday night.

Choose your food from our events menu or from our everyday menu.

Events menu (pdf, 900Kb)

For more information, email us at reservations@the-little-red-house.com or call (727) 734 0909.



Hours of operation

Monday Closed<
Tuesday 9am - 4pm
Wednesday 9am - 4pm
Thursday 9am - 4pm
Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm
Sunday 9am - 3.30pm


Map for directions


A few rules about kids

The Little Red House is a family friendly restaurant. A play area with a sandbox and a playhouse is dedicated to kids
✓ No running inside the building, there is plenty of space outside for this. No playing in the staircase
✓ No climbing on trees or on the playhouse
✓ Plants and umbrellas are for enjoying, not for destroying
✓ Please, be respectful of each other
✓ Children must be supervised at all times

No trespassing after hours